Client story Bacardi Limited


Shoppers need to be inspired and convinced to try and buy from different segments. In other words, in-store execution is the key to success. In order to find out how to break routines and purchase barriers (such as convenience, price and confidence), Bacardi Benelux required in depth understanding of shopping behavior in order to support category development based upon trading up and additional,occasion-based purchasing.


To meet the research objectives, we agreed to conduct a shopper decision tree study. A large sample of respondents completed various virtual shopping simulations from our virtual shelf Simstore, in a competitive and interactive environment – not only to understand the consumer view of category segmentation, but also to capture motives (via the decision tree), but also to understand how different segments, brands and SKU’s are related to one another. These insights are relevant given that in-store visibility and presentation were identified as the most relevant marketing activities to break routines in purchase behavior.


The shopper insights generated were used as the foundation for building Bacardi’s new, long term strategic vision for the category. The results showed not only how purchase barriers could be broken, but also showed how shoppers could be influenced along the path to purchase. The newly developed category vision, supported by the shopper insights from this study were well received by all parties. They also make it possible to continue building a constructive relationship with the retail partners and jointly achieve category growth.