Client story Nedato


Nedato identified a strong need for product development and innovation in order to counter the commoditization of the market and to add value to the category. A new product range was developed: Pom-menu, a smaller package of fresh potatoes reflecting the need for convenience among modern households. Nedato’s aim was to attract new buyers to the category and win market share from potential substitutes such as rice, pasta and noodles. The question that needed to be answered before any further investment could be made was: What is the potential of the new concept in the Belgian market?


A monadic research set-up was chosen to determine the sales potential at full service and discount supermarkets across Belgium. A nationally representative sample of 800 regular potato buyers completed the survey. All respondents were asked to purchase from our virtual shelf, Simstore, which included the Pom-menu potatoes: first unprompted, followed by a prompted simulation based upon 100% awareness. Finally all respondents evaluated the concept in terms of distinctiveness, value for money, relevance and purchase intent.


A high rate of trial among respondents indicated enormous sales potential for Pom-menu at both full service and discount supermarkets. Pom-menu was recently launched at Fruit Logistica in Berlin, the largest trade event for fresh produce in the world. Pom-menu is expected to be available in supermarkets in Belgium and Germany shortly.