For us, a research project always starts with understanding the client’s business and scoping out the challenges and opportunities.

We master all kinds of research methodologies, both quantitative and qualitative. However, we prefer customized solutions. The choice of research solution always depends on the client’s specific business challenges and opportunities. We constantly strives to deliver value through fact-based insights and actionable recommendations. That’s what nourishes our energy and satisfaction: finding new insights which help reach marketing and sales objectives. We commit to finalizing all research projects with a concise, business-focussed report and a sense of urgency.

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Life is all about decisions - we make an infinite amount of them every day. Some are irrational and emotional. Some are the result of habit, time of day or store environment. By using innovative methods, we help our clients win at point of purchase. Where every decision matters.

- Anneli McCracken, CEO


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