The number of products sold in an average store has grown dramatically over the years. Research proves that large assortments decrease shopper satisfaction as too many choices complicate the decision making process. Retailers tend to reduce their assortments as a reaction to this, but it is a challenge to decide which products should be removed. Manufactures are often asked which products should be replaced when new products are launched. Simply cutting ‘the tail’ will not give necessarily the best results.

We have developed a research method for finding the optimal assortment which also takes new product launches, shelf space limitations and store formats (e.g. convenience stores versus supermarkets) into consideration.

A Simstore assortment study guarantees valid insights and assists our clients in finding the optimal assortment.

What are the deliverables


What is the ideal segmentation from a shopper’s point of view?


Which products can be removed from the range?


Which products can be added to the range?


What is the optimal product mix with a limited shelf space?


Which product mix leads to the highest market share and has the highest reach?