Many decisions made on the path to purchase are made subconsciously. However, the final product choice at point of sale is not made at random. Uncovering the shoppers’ decision tree is fundamental for successful category management. In order to influence shopping behavior, there is a need to identify drivers and barriers throughout the shopper journey.

The key deliverables of a shopper decision tree study are a clear category segmentation and the shopper (consumer) decision tree. The insights are used to optimize shelf layout, improve in-store and on-pack communication, revise pricing and to kick-start new product development.

Over the years, NORM has conducted shopper decision tree studies across many different categories, sales channels and markets. NORM firmly believes that a shopper decision tree project provides a solid and indispensable foundation for building a long-term category vision that will help you win at the point of purchase.

What are the deliverables

Consumer perception

How do consumers reason when shopping within a specific category?

Category definition

What category structure makes sence from the shoppers’ point of view?


What is the relative importance of different product attributes?


To what extent is a product substitute to another?


What are the appropriate actions required to optimize?