Shoppers make decisions within a split second. It is crucial for a pack design to stand out on the shelf, as products that go unnoticed will never be purchased. Today, more and more brands are being imitated by their competitors. Therefore a distinctive pack is a must, while every pack must continue to support the brand’s positioning. Our research approach helps our clients manage this balance.

A Simstore pack design study will uncover whether new designs perform better than the current design in a competitive retail environment. Because developing a new pack design is a large investment, we believe it is very important to get an understanding of the stand-out power and conversion rate of the new pack design. A Simstore pack design test is more than just a disaster check. It will also reveal whether the new design matches the desired brand positioning, brand image and brand values.

What are the deliverables

Shopper behaviour in the virtual shelf is monitored. To be successful we believe that a new pack design needs to:

  • Be noticed on the shelf
  • Be easy to identify
  • Be able to drive sales
  • Enhance and support the brand
Successful pack design