Most consumers tend to see grocery shopping as a hassle. The easier it is to identify a category in-store and to find a product on the shelf, the more satisfied they are. Therefore, we believe that shelf merchandising which supports optimal ease of selection is to be preferred.

Our experience shows that limited adjustments on the shelf layout will not influence shopping behavior significantly. Changing shopping behavior requires a distinctive, appealing shelf layout and strong, disruptive messages, including a clear call to action at point of sale.

We have developed both 2D and 3D enhanced virtual store research solutions in Simstore which enables us to compare the impact of different shelf layouts (planograms) on issues such as ease of selection, trading up and the overall shopping experience.

What are the deliverables

Easy to navigate and find products

E.g. Time to find products usually purchased as well as new products

Drive sales for the product category

E.g. Basket size, complementary purchases, trade-up/down

Drive sales for your products

E.g. Shares, order of purchase, substitutes, complements

Planogram success