How to optimize profitability and win market share? It would appear that consumer price perceptions often differ from reality. This might indicate poor knowledge of price levels. Yet, it has been proven that pricing is still the most efficient marketing tool to restore category value or increase market share.

Finding the optimal pricing structure is always a central marketing topic among our clients. In order to capture price sensitivity, we recommend a combination of enhanced virtual store research and choice-based-conjoint (CBC). This research set-up allows us to calculate the effect of any price adjustment at brand and category level, including the effect on competitor brands and private labels.

Where relevant, we can also include different promotions or alternative pack sizes in the research set-up. Our expertise in this area goes beyond testing scenarios in the FMCG industry – it also covers industries such telecoms, media, fast food and consumer electronics.

What are the deliverables

Optimal price level

Which price for a single product is the most optimal?

Optimal price structure

Which price structure on a product line is the most optimal?

Consumer profile

Which consumers will the brand win or lose, whether the price is raised or reduced?


From which competitors will the brand gain / lose consumers?