What is the sales potential of a new product? Only one in ten new products is still on the shelf 12 months after it has been launched. In other words, the vast majority of new product launches fail. In the process of qualifying new product concepts, it is imperative to obtain category insight into the market share potential.

It is also important to analyse the risk of launching a product that may cannibalize an existing brand portfolio. Traditional research methods often neglect these issues and, as a result fail to deliver true insight into the concept’s performance at point-of-purchase. With our methodology, the new product is tested at point-of-purchase using a virtual store environment, Simstore, where all brands are allowed to compete for consumer attention.

What are the deliverables


What is the potential for a new product concept in terms of market shares?

Source of volume

Which competitive brands will be the source of volume for the new product concept?


To what extent will the new product concept cannibalize on your product portfolio?

Consumer profile

What is the profile of consumers buying in to the new product concept?

Predict trial rate